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ThisplusThat is the online presence of me, Dougal Marwick. I'm a copywriter, music maker and seller of vintage clothing. I live by the sea with my family.

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All Rights Respected

Idiots rule?

We commissioned Dan Woodger to produce a series of tragicomic illustrations on the subject of the forthcoming US Presidential elections for the latest edition of the Majedie Journal. (NB: there is definitely one very real clown in this image. Here’s hoping his wheels fall off long before November 8 2016.)


Glasgow smiles better

I’ve known Hugh ‘Shug’ Duncan on-and-off for the best part of two decades. While he is celebrated for saying some daft things, he is also an inspirational father, son, husband and skater. Director Benjie Bateman recently put together this two-parter documenting the lead-up to Shug’s very own skate video premiere. Get on the Hype Train!

Path Integral

180g vinyl. By Parc en Ciel. Out on LuckyMe worldwide April 29 2016. Watch the trailer by Goroka below. Thanks.

Call minder

I don’t often contribute industry-type things but this was an interesting one-minute brief for a mobile phone addiction charity.  If you are reading this on your iPhone then you know how that goes. I laid it out too in about a minute too, hence why it looks somewhat shonky.

Margin Walker

A few years ago when my wife worked at Platform in Glasgow, she asked me to help with a name for a new arts festival. Given that Platform is in Easterhouse and the event’s focus was to be on boundary-blurring artists, I proposed Outskirts. They dug it and Outskirts has grown to become a fixture at Platform, with this year’s lineup including Matthew Bourne, Company of Wolves and a collaboration with Glasgow International 2016. Go there.

Do the Math

I helped and hindered with the copy, brand tone and art direction on the recently-launched website for design and architecture studio, Four-by-Two. The site was designed by (surprise!) my colleague Chris Logan. Works a treat I think you’ll concur.

Sing Cuckoo

With the first rays of Scottish sunshine comes another collection of lovingly-selected vintage and deadstock clothing at Herman Brown. Please note: no beetles or god-fearing policemen from the mainland were harmed while gathering this season’s garments.

Idea for a programme

As yet unrealised sticker/t-shirt inspired by ‘getting on a bit’.


Building site

Along with my Touch colleague Chris I recently worked on the identity and website for architecture practice Lynsay Bell Architects, who have a rather impressive portfolio of residential and commercial projects under their belts.

Natural One

Five, yes five,  Touch identity projects have been included in Counterprint’s latest publication, Nature Logo. What with our contributions to two previous Counterprint titles, this makes for a pretty tidy hat-trick. Extra special props if you got the Folk Implosion reference in the title.