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ThisplusThat is the online presence of me, Dougal Marwick. I'm a copywriter, music maker and seller of vintage clothing. I live by the sea with my family.

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All Rights Respected

Technical drawing

We recently commissioned Peter Judson to create an illustration for the latest issue of the Majedie Journal. This was something of a coup as I love his methodical, Memphis-influenced style and unwavering attention to detail (it didn’t hurt that the article was about spending time on perfecting the little things). His large scale mural work at Bankside in London has rightfully been getting some coverage of late…

Welcome to the Jungles

I work with musician Mathieu Thomas and LuckyMe on the Parc en Ciel project, and am pleased to share the latest chapter of this story, a short film entitled St Remy. Director Peter Marsden at LuckyMe collaborated with New York filmmakers, Jungles in Paris, for this and I think you’ll concur, it makes the music taste even better.

Unholy noise

For the past few years I have been working with a free music/art collective under the moniker Karate Priest. Meeting weekly in a rehearsal space, we recorded every single improvised session, and these recordings formed the basis for our initial release, Mixtape 1. Edinburgh’s Rhubaba Gallery invited us to share the fruits of our labours on the very same night they unveiled their shiny new glass frontage. It went rather well!

Parc life

A brand new Parc en Ciel track features as part of this year’s LuckyMe Advent series, alongside a host of other interesting musics from the label’s roster. If you dig what they are doing (and I suspect you will) please donate to Save The Children’s ‘Syrian Refugee Crisis Fund’

Pretty in pink

A few months ago I hinted that the above might happen. Thanks to the clever sorts at Everpress (and Chris for the type assistance) my Instagram ramblings will soon be available on an actual living breathing t-shirt. Gildan heavyweight, with four colours to choose from if bacon pink is too tough. Wear and air.

Funny money

A flipping cool (sorry) piece of art direction from Chris Logan, with help/hindrance from yours truly, for Majedie Journal issue five. The coin was magicked by set maker extraordinaire Lou Blackshaw, and shot by the equally talented Rowan Fee.

Know all

I submitted a version of this for Emergency Meeting’s Squashing Vibes exhibition. Full disclosure: I’m not a graphic designer, nor am I a proper artist. Hence why this is a bit wonky. (That may also have something to do with my choice of typeface too.)

New old music

If you missed them first time round, limited quantities of the 7VWWVW album and 10 inch are now available at Bleep. There were too many people involved in the making of these records to thank here but special secret shout to LuckyMe for helping with logistics. These won’t stick around for long…

Le monde est a nous

My Touch colleague Chris and I have developed the brand identity and delivered the campaign for the 2016 Edinburgh International Festival. With the world in such a strange and scary place, it’s nice to be able to communicate a simple and inclusive message. Shout to the team at EIF for collaborating with us on this one.

All seeing aye

LuckyMe are label of the month over at Resident Advisor. Having been involved a fair bit with the label over the years, I have watched them go from playing at Octopus Diamond in Edinburgh to appearing on The Late Show – without compromising their independent spirit.